by em


People live in thoughts and it causes illusions. When they are aware of being in the middle of, it exists and they are alive. However, it disappears when people bring a stop to it. It is akin to light.
Light art is an intrinsically sensitive medium and also demands a complicated simplification towards a magical break. The inherent energies of light as tamed lightning and natural force amplifies its ability to send signals directly to the mind and throw us into another state. This is the key to a new spiritual way of looking outwards and inwards, from the material to the transcendental.
The heavens have come closer to earth, like dreams come true.

For artists, art work is to give the spectator an affirmation of an artist’s own reality in a life of illusion.
Anthony McCall’s works are fantastic in dealing with light. In particular, he dealt with moving light in a space so that his work appeared as a complete aesthetic entity, as well as the experiential aspects depending on visitors’ decisions.
The idea of sculpture fashioned out of photons sounds impossible, but that is the best way to think of McCall’s ambiguous output. His paradoxical forms of “solid light”, to borrow his own oxymoronic phrase, seem to defy physics and yet there they are, beguiling us with otherworldly beauty. Like the magic lanterns, traditional possession of images was abandoned. . .

‘To experience Anthony McCall’s solid light films is to be plunged into a luminous whorl of suggestions: an abrupt reduction of the cinematographic medium; the resurgence of 19th century spiritualist beliefs; pure abstractions, sculptures of light and planes expanding through space; psychedelic spirals, surmountable walls and ephemeral decors; a framework for collective experience.’

From Anthony McCall: Elements for a Retrospective 1972-1979 / 2003-